WASPI summary

  1. A petition must comply with the wording on it. Our Petition which states "we the residents of...." can be presented so long as there are a minimum of two signatures from the specified constituency.

  2. In the case of a mass petition hand over its the effect of the number of MP's presenting signed petitions as much as the actual number of signatures which generates momentum for the topic.

  3. When submitting the petitions we should ensure that the top sheet has the minimum of two signatures from the stated constituency.

  4. Sheets which contain signatures from people who do not live in the constituency area may be included, however they MAY be returned to the MP. A petition will not be wholly discounted if it contains signatures from outside the specific MP's constituency. (See further clarification below)
Parliamentary answer
What you have written is correct.
  • In terms of paper petitions, we always send the petition to the relevant Government department, as long as there are 2 signatures which match the description of the petitioners. The Government often responds to petitions.

  • Paper petitions benefit from the ability to be accessible for members of the public, and can be presented in the House of Commons. A wide number of MPs presenting a petition on the same topic (mass petition handover) is a tool that can be used to create awareness or apply political pressure for a given cause.

  • If there are mixed signatures, (some petitioners with addresses as described within the petition text, and others which are not i.e. tourists or people who live outside the area) then as long as the top sheet has a minimum of two signatures from the stated area, then it will be accepted.

  • In terms of the wording of petitions, the petitioner’s description should not contain the name of the constituency MP. So the petition should say: The petition of residents of [constituency]. 

For example: The petition of residents of Bournemouth East

So, petitions with the wording such as: The petition of residents of Bournemouth East (Tobias Ellwodd), would not be ideal
Please ensure that the top sheet of the petition uses the wording recommended, along with 2 signatories from that area.​