The WASPI Campaign has launched a Crowdjustice page to raise funds to enable it to mount a legal challenge against the Department for Work and Pensions. 
The pressure group was founded in 2015 to raise awareness for the inequality suffered by 2.6 million women born in the 1950s on or after 6th April 1951 who were not informed nor given adequate notice of changes to the age at which they receive their State Pension.
Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) is seeking funding from supporters and other donors (both individual and corporate) to enable it to mount a legal challenge against the DWP. The Government department has, so far, refused to meet with the pressure group to discuss its demands, or even to acknowledge maladministration on its part.
WASPI is campaigning for transitional arrangements to recompense women born between the 6th April 1951 and the end of that decade, for the losses they have suffered –up to £48,000 – accrued as a result of the Government failing to adequately inform them of the Pension Age changes.
WASPI has already received initial legal advice, indicating that a challenge could be mounted on two grounds.
Firstly, a judicial review challenge to the legality of changes to the State Pension Age, which have seen the women’s SPA rise from 60 to 63 and then 66, in a short period of time. This has rendered women unable to make adequate plans for their future retirement.
Secondly, WASPI has been advised to pursue maladministration complaints  in connection with the inadequate notice and information provided to women by the DWP, in relation to the increases contained in both the 1995 and 2011 Pensions Acts.
WASPI has chosen to be represented by specialist human rights and discrimination lawyers Bindmans, the legal practice instructed by Equitable Life policyholders who sought redress against the company in the High Court.