WASPI is a growing and dynamic organisation which benefits from the support and hard work of thousands of women across the country, who have helped our campaign go from strength to strength.
We have renewed our Board and senior team in response to members needs, and are delighted to announce that 4 new Board members will be joining us to strengthen and widen our Board skills for 2018. And we have further changes planned in our new structure.
We are grateful to departing Board members for their contribution to WASPI, which has helped our campaign to reach the strong position that it is in today. All our Board members, new and old,  will ensure continuity and progress with the campaign for justice for all women affected by state pension inequality.”
We are delighted that Grahame Morris MP has secured a 3hr Debate in the main chamber on the 14th December. To coincide with this WASPI are planning a POP UP DEMO outside the Houses of Parliament in Old Palace Yard. Postcode SW1P 3JY. We will be gathering from 12.30 onwards. Bring a banner, bring a whistle and bring a sash and join us to make a noise. It’s a great opportunity to remind the MPs of all parties that we’re “not going away”. Many have been looking forward to an opportunity to protest in London again, so now is your chance!
Furthermore, there is also a short Debate in the House of Lords on the 13th December. These debates are indicative of the growing support from peers and cross party MPs to right this wrong.
APPG Formation

Will this be the year we are successful in our Campaign? No-one knows. But one thing is for certain it won’t be achieved without hard work on behalf of all of us.

As a Campaign we’ve gone from strength to strength. We are, without doubt, the best known Pension Campaign in Britain, ever. Parliament knows about us, the press know about us, the public know about us, and we will need to keep the pressure up in all directions to make progress. We need to stand firm, and defend our position.
WASPI have formed a company which was required to give us the legal structure to expand the campaign. If we all get behind it, and contribute our energy and ideas, who knows where we may be this time next year!

With thanks and best wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

APPG Formation
The last three months – what has Women Against State Pension Inequality achieved?
  • We have raised £100,000 in record time for our legal challenge to the government and easily smashed our stretch target.
  • We have increased the number of our Facebook supporters by a quarter: we now have 49,000 supporters and the number is increasing by around 500 each week at present.

  • We have formed a properly constituted company limited by guarantee.  This enables us to take legal action.
  • We are still raising money for the campaign and legal challenge via direct donations through PayPal on our website.

  • We have appointed Bindmans, the top London law firm, to act for us in our legal challenge to the government.

  • We have brought on board over 80 local and county councils who now support WASPI

  • We handed in the largest public petition presented to Parliament on any one day, in terms of both time it took to get presented (25 minutes) and the number of constituencies represented (206).

  • Our local groups (145 in Britain and 1 in France) have worked tirelessly to support us and gained great publicity for the campaign on the National Day of Local Action in September.

  • We made ourselves heard in no uncertain terms at the Party conferences.

  • We have met with Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Ministers, as well as key SNP MPs.

  • We have spoken at numerous union conferences around the country.

  • We have spoken at the House of Commons Petitions Committee Conference and were congratulated on the strength of our campaign by the Committee chair.

And what’s planned for the next three months?
  • Increased, targeted lobbying of MPs to persuade them to help us to get justice.  Support packs will be made available to local groups to assist them with this.

  • Continued lobbying of members of the House of Lords.

  • Social media and public speaking training for our group coordinators.

  • Progressing with our legal challenge and updating supporters whenever there is news.

  • The launch of our membership scheme with a database of members.

  • Election of members to a Membership Committee and the Board of Women Against State Pension Inequality Ltd.

  • Applications to grant making bodies for campaign funds.

  • A closer working relationship with the TUC.

  • Continued fundraising for our campaign and legal challenge at both local and national level.

  • An even better website.

Membership - You have secured a year’s membership of Women Against State Pension Inequality Ltd providing you forwarded your receipt for a donation of £25 or more to CrowdJustice or PayPal and correctly sent that receipt to [email protected] .
APPG Formation
Those who have sent the receipt should expect a 'RENEWAL' email by Saturday, which is how Membership will be started up - on the system it is easiest to send a 'renewal' with the link - but then follow the emailed link through and fill in the gaps on application form. Your name and email address will be there from your receipt email.

Membership is from 1 Dec 2016 to 30 Nov 2017.

Anyone who would like to join who did not secure membership through a previous donation will be able to join from Friday, when the link will be shared.

Thanks to everyone!

APPG Formation

Ian Blackford of the SNP led a robust debate in Westminster Hall on the 15th November on the subject “Acceleration of the State Pension Age for Women born in the 1950s”.

This was a debate with a non binding vote which means that even if the motion is passed it does not become law. You can view the debate here
Once again MP’s well represented the injustice done to 50s born women in considerable detail giving examples of their constituents circumstances. A robust case was made for righting this wrong.

A vote was taken and agreed that “the House had considered the motion” but this was challenged by the SNP and the Chairman announced that it would be referred to the Backbench Business Committee. They have the authority to put motions forward for debate in the main chamber - The House of Commons.

While WASPI appreciate the very great lengths the SNP are going to on behalf of WASPI women, they have also made it clear that a reversal of the 2011 Act, which will only benefit a small cohort of women, does not go far enough for our campaign. The SNP understand fully our position on this but are confident that this could be a start to that process.

In what must be one of the fastest growing CrowdJustice appeals ever, The Official WASPI Campaign has raised £100,000 for its legal action against the Government.

APPG Formation
Its first target of £50,000 was reached within 24 hours and, with 10 days of fundraising still to run, WASPI has now asked CrowdJustice to close the appeal at £100,000.
With the funding already making its way to Bindmans, the top London law firm representing the Official WASPI Campaign, Jane Cowley, Fundraising Director said: “Women Against State Pension Inequality Ltd wants to thank each and every person who has donated to the fund. It’s inspiring to know that we have such a huge level of support and a real validation of our decision to pursue a legal case”.
WASPI is protesting about the way changes were made to women’s state pension ages in the 1995 and 2011 Pensions Acts.   The changes were made to equalise men's and women's pension ages and WASPI supports this goal.
The Campaign is fighting for recognition and recompense for the unfair and discriminatory way the changes were implemented – with wholly inadequate engagement and with no proper time given to make alternative plans. WASPI estimates that 1950s women have lost up to £40,000 due to the changes and many are now in financial hardship.  
The campaign now plans to use the funding to pursue one or more legal challenges to the government. WASPI’s lawyers have identified two potential means of legal redress for women affected by the changes to the State Pension Age:

  • a judicial review challenge (or challenges) to the legality of the changes themselves;
  • maladministration complaints regarding the wholly inadequate engagement undertaken by the Department of Work and Pensions regarding these changes.
Alongside its legal campaign, WASPI continues to engage with politicians from all parties.  Its leaders recently met with MPs from the Scottish National Party and discussed with Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Ministers how the Labour Party could support the WASPI cause.
WASPI’s many local groups are making themselves heard in Tory marginal seats up and down the country and there is a growing awareness that 2.6 million 1950s women’s votes could make a big difference at the next election.
With two former Pensions Ministers, Steve Webb and Baroness Altmann now publicly pledging their support, with over 47,500 people following the Official WASPI Facebook page and with £100,000 fighting fund raised in less than three weeks, WASPI is a force to be reckoned with. 
APPG Formation

WASPI are now a company limited by guarantee. This action was taken as WASPI needed to have what is called a "legal entity" in order to be able to instruct lawyers and pursue litigation. This has been done by registering WASPI at Companies House under the name above.
WASPI has a board of unpaid directors who are:- Celia Johnson, Pat Tarttelin, Susan Beevers, Jane Cowley and Anne Keen. Further appointments are expected to be made to the board. Watch this space.

On Tuesday 11 October 2016, 198 public petitions were presented and read in the Chamber by 87 MPs, representing 198 constituencies. It took 25 minutes!

WASPI have since been informed that our petition:- “The Implementation of the 1995 and 2011 Pension Acts petition (part of the WASPI campaign)” is the largest public petition presented to Parliament on any one day, since Session 2000-01.
APPG Formation
This is in terms of both time it took to get presented and the number of constituencies represented. Yet another incredible achievement in our campaign.​

In addition to those presented on 11th October other petitions were received by Parliament from Derbyshire South and Derby North, New Forest West, Chester, Christchurch, South Middlesbrough and East Cleveland, Portsmouth.

Thanks to all involved for the determination and hard work in making this happen and thanks again to all MP’s who presented the petitions.

You can see the list of petitions presented here .

APPG Formation

Today Philip Hammond the Chancellor of the Exchequer failed to announce in his Autumn statement anything that would assist with the injustice experienced in State Pension provision for 1950s born women.

Once again the Government has missed the chance to intervene in this serious matter.

He announced that pensioner poverty was falling, but has omitted to take account of all those women who would have been pensioners but aren't due to changes in their State Pension Age.  These women have been left in poverty by a lack of notice of their state pension age changes, causing up to a six year loss of income, without sufficient time or assistance to make alternative plans. 
Many of the WASPI women are not even Just About Managing but are living in real poverty.  Other political parties are now beginning to recognise this real injustice and are bringing forward suggestions that would at least partially alleviate some of the suffering of this group of women.  It is a great shame that the Chancellor did not take this opportunity to do likewise.
WASPI will continue to campaign for redress for all 1950s women both by engaging with politicians and through our legal challenge.


After a very successful meeting with Geoffrey Cox, MP for Torridge and West Devon we, the Devon WASPI group, are delighted that members have been invited to the Palace of Westminster for a meeting with their constituency MP's to lobby for fair transitional arrangements to our State Pension Age for women born in the 1950s (on or after 6th April 1951).

APPG Formation
Geoffrey has extended this invitation to the Cornwall and Somerset WASPI groups. We will also be representing other WASPI supporters in these areas, who are unable to come due to illness, disability, lack of finances, work commitments, caring duties with family, including those who care for their parents as well as their grandchildren, caring for their young adult children who have learning difficulties or physical disabilities. The list is endless of what women near or past their expected pension age are committed to.

Their stories will be told by those who are able to get to Westminster by a portfolio of "Retirement dreams - stark reality". We would be grateful for any photographs members would like to send to take to this event that shows just that. Have you had to sell your house? Have you a dream trip that you had planned to make? Do you have grandchildren that you were going to look after? Also photographs of WASPI supporters in the Devon, Cornwall and Somerset regions would be helpful. We will report on how the meeting went and hope that there are MP's in other regions who are prepared to meet with their constituents and discuss ways forward. Wish us luck.

APPG Formation

Our first meeting with Bindmans was just to discuss how to proceed with the maladministration complaints. Further information will follow in due course about the potential Judicial Review.
Having raised £100,000 on Crowdjustice in under three weeks, Women Against State Pension Inequality has begun seeking legal advice on potential challenges to the Government.
Directors of the recently formed company met with their legal advisers, top London law firm Bindmans, last week to take advice on how best to proceed with maladministration complaints to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Following this meeting, Bindmans will be preparing a Guide which will help the 2.6 million women affected to make and pursue complaints to the DWP regarding its failure to give adequate notice of the rise to their State Pension Age by up to six years. It is intended to be of help to those who have already begun the complaints process to continue on through to the Parliamentary Ombudsman as well as those who are yet to get started.
The easy to follow guide is expected to be available in January and all those women who are part way through the complaints process are advised to consider holding off continuing until it is available unless that will otherwise take them beyond any relevant deadlines.
Women Against State Pension Inequality's Legal Director Susan Beevers said: 
"It can be quite daunting for many women to raise a complaint against the DWP - the process is not straightforward and explaining the maladministration that has occurred over the past two decades and its significant impact can feel overwhelming. This guide will be an enormous help to them, as well as ensuring that the complaint letters they send cover all the right points."

The WASPI campaign were pleased to be invited to the launch of an important report commissioned by the SNP in the fight for justice for 1950s born women who have had their State Pension age (SPA) changed on a rapid timetable, with little or no notice, shattering many retirement plans.​

APPG Formation
The interim team were invited with less than 24 hours notice before the launch and did not have sight of the report until they were on the train to London. In fact, consideration was given as to whether it was worthwhile going at all, since the content of the report was not known beforehand, but it was felt on balance it would be best to have representatives there to comment and influence.
Pat Tarttelin, a member of the WASPI interim management team, said, “WASPI is clear that the women affected should have better SPA transition arrangements, and that the Government must start to listen. The plans of the SNP to hold the Government to account by supporting the repealing of the 2011 Act are a great first step in removing barriers that the Government has repeatedly put in the way of a resolution. However, WASPI stand by their aim for fair transitional arrangements and want the Government to go further and recognise that the changes were too far too fast and with the DWP failure to communicate with those affected, there is a clear need now to deal with the problem and lessen the impact of both the Pension Acts, 1995 and 2011.”
WASPI have restructured their leadership and are preparing for an Autumn of action on many fronts, strengthened now by the SNP investment in costing options for a partial resolution.

WASPI women up and down the country have been given the great of honour by being asked to speak at/presenting a workshop at numerous conferences. A testament to the respect and credibility of the WASPI Campaign.

WASPI on tour:
APPG Formation
  • Anne Keen - Workshop at Labour's National Women's Conference in Liverpool on Saturday 24th September.

  • Lila Bennett - GMB Justice Campaign in Liverpool on Friday 7th October.

  • Patricia Clough - Midlands Women's TUC Conference on Wednesday 30th Sepember.

  • Lorna Binnie - SNP Conference Fringe meeting on the Friday 14th October

  • Lorna Binnie - Perth Concert Hall Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October.

  • Patricia Clough - TUC Midlands Equalities Conference and the Labour Regional Conference on 29th October.

  • Patricia Clough - Unison Women’s Conference in Cambridge on Tuesday 1st November
  • Heather Cook - Unison Women’s Conference in Cambridge on Tuesday 1st November.

  • Anne Keen, Hilary Dunn and Francesca EstasyGMB Women's Conference, The Liner Hotel, Liverpool on Friday 18th November.

  • Annie Beetham - WEP Conference Manchester 25th-27th November

There was a WASPI presence at both the Conservative Conference on Tuesday 4th October and at Labour Conference on Tuesday 27th September.


Minutes from the WASPI All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meeting which took place on the 19th July 2016!

APPG Formation